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Consulting Rates - Effective March 1, 2015

From 1 to 1000, we've got your course, we've got your budget...Schedule today! 


Important: Savings Available!


The following rates for all instructor-led training are LIST PRICES.  Depending on any number of conditions: time of year, training location, availability of specific instructors, and co-ordination with our instructor travel schedules, there are often opportunities to receive significant discounts from list price. (You may think of these listed prices as the posted "rack rate" in a hotel.)


Due to the volume of business we schedule for instructor-led training, we need certain information about your number of participants, and your desired timing and location for training before we are able to provide an accurate and guaranteed final quote.  We apologize that other than offering the following list prices as a guide, we cannot commit to a final price until you are ready to actually schedule training.


Please be aware that your actual cost may work out to be as much as 10% to 40% below the listed prices. However, we do not provide estimates based on only possible times and dates, other than these posted list prices. (We do guarantee that you will not pay more than the list price.) 


When you are ready to request a specific date and location, please have someone with full purchase authority contact us at a time that is convenient for [them] to facilitate the purchase. 


Our goal is to provide the maximum training benefit for you or your people at the greatest possible value.  So please let us know if there is any flexibility in your schedule that might match with flexibility in ours.  If that would result in greater value to you, we would be more than happy to accommodate. Thank you for your understanding.





NEW! Self-Paced On-line Presentation Skills eCourse      

   No. of Participants       


    $ 299  (Includes 250-pg. workbook, exercises, DVDs, CBT, ebook & more)


    $ 399  (All of the above plus 1 Hour of Live! 2-way Video Coaching)  

Executive Session  1-DAY In-Person One-on-One Training:                  

 No. of Participants                                                                                                   


    Average $ 1,490 - Depending on Location & Date.      (Call: 888-883-6074 or 484-883-6074)

Platinum Presentation Skills  3-DAY INTERACTIVE COURSE including One-on-One Training:                  

   No. of Participants                                                                                                   

Max: 12

    $ 21,490 /Course                (Call: 888-883-6074 or 484-883-6074 for customization options)



   No. of Participants               

2 to   4

    $ 2,850/Day                                                            (as low as $695  per person)

5 to   8

    $ 4,690/Day                                                            (as low as $585 per person)

9 to  12

    $ 5,990/Day                                                            (as low as $499 per person)

13 to 16*

    $ 7,450/Day                                                            (as low as $469 per person)


                                        For 2-Day formats, take 10% off 2nd consecutive day

NOTE: Rates above include free consultation for all participants for 1 full year

   No. of Participants       

Up to   30

    $ 3,990/Seminar                                                    (as low as $135 per person)

Up to   50

    $ 6,590/Seminar                                                    (as low as $120 per person)

Up to 100

    $ 8,590/Seminar                                                    (as low as $  86 per person)

   No. of Participants       

Up to 100

    $ 2,490/Seminar                                                     (as low as $ 25 per person)

Up to 200

    $ 3,590/Seminar                                                     (as low as $ 20 per person)

Up to 500

    $ 5,990/Seminar                                                     (as low as $ 15 per person)

Up to 1000

    $ 9,990/Seminar                                                     (as low as $ 10  per person)


Rates above (except eCourse) complete plus R/T coach air or rail fare & lodging, CONUS





All class materials, including workbooks, exercises, and DVDs for each participant are included

in the program fees.


You may register by telephone, U.S. Mail, e-mail, or by filling out the convenient registration 

form; we shall send you a confirmation letter & invoice.



PublicSpeakingSkills.com strictly adheres to the policies of the American Society of Professional Consultants in matters of terms, rescheduling and cancellations.


Due to scheduling demands, we are unable to hold dates without a 25% non-refundable deposit 

for the minimum rate, due no less than 25 days prior to the training date.   The balance of payment is due in full on program date.  Rescheduling 

requests made less than 25 calendar days before program date will require the proposal amount 

to be due immediately.  We then allow clients to reschedule at their convenience up to one year 

from the original training date at no further costs other that whatever additional travel expenses

are incurred.  We regret that deposits are non-refundable; however, participant substitution is acceptable at any time, and your deposit will remain valid for up to one year should you wish to reschedule.


A well-planned and well-equipped training room is vital to program success.  If you wish for us 

to arrange a venue away from your offices, at pass-through additional cost, please allow at least 

30 days prior to your desired training date.


An income tax deduction may be allowed for educational expenses (including course fees, travel,

meals, etc.) undertaken to maintain & improve professional skills.

*More than 16 participants is not recommended for some participatory classes; however, if you chose, additional participants will be accommodated at $399.00/person/day


   CALL TODAY: 1-888-883-6074 or 1+484-883-6074 

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