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Welcome to a whole new approach to communications skills training.  

Get rid of public speaking fears forever and learn the art of  confident public speaking.  

Public Speaking Skills.com is a full-service business communications firm, emphasizing public speaking, presentation skills, and presentation design.

Public Speaking Skills.com provides on-site training in the following courses: 

Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Design

Consultative Selling

Telephone Skills

Customer Service

Business Writing


Media Relations

  We offer presentation skills seminars, public speaking seminars & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, and presentation design training by presentation skills experts. 

Public Speaking Skills.com specializes in highly interactive on-site training in all aspects of public speaking and presentation skills.  We also conduct 'public' seminars in public speaking, presentation skills and advanced presentation design in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Call Public Speaking Skills.com for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, business communications & enhanced presentation skills training.


Public Speaking Tips

FAQ: What are the differences between a one-day and a two-day program?  

We deliver our Optimizing Your Presentation Skills course in one of five formats, the most popular being the one-day and two-day interactive classes.  In all formats, the volume of knowledge transfer, via the "lecture" component, is essentially the same.  Primary reasons one would choose the two-day format (noting that for any size group, the cost would be almost double):  

            a) There are more opportunities for participants to practice each of the skill sets in the presence of a professional coach.  We simply do not move on to the next skill set module until everyone in the group has demonstrated true ownership of the skills.

            b) There is a two-hour workshop on the second day where participants redesign their PowerPoint presentations while the facilitator (a Certified Microsoft PowerPoint Expert) provides individual help to ensure that their presentations follow the "rules" as developed in the Design module.

            c) The amount of self-discipline required on the part of participants to carry through with the learning is less.  There is time for the facilitator to keep on coaching individuals through each of the skill sets until the skills become almost "second nature".  With a one-day format, the expectation is that the participant will continue the training on his or her own by dutifully practicing the new skills at every opportunity.

            d) Participants have the incentive to consider, review, and reflect upon the first day's learning, knowing they will be expected to perform the skills the next day.  This is in contrast to participants' "moving on" immediately at the end of a one-day course.  Total retention is thus greater than the sum of the parts.

The key here is that if participants want to learn, sufficient training for a lifetime of enhanced skills can easily be accomplished in one day.  In some corporate climates in which we deliver, there are often "prisoners" or lesser-willed participants who need the discipline of more intense, time-involving coaching that the 2-day program offers.        



While public speaking, almost anyone can minimize the fear factor through proper use of the presentation skills we teach: eye contact, gestures, and voice, coupled with proper presentation design. And instead of allowing public speaking to be a source of anxiety, presenters become more interesting and passionate speakers in the process.  

For your corporate public speaking, presentation skills and presentation design training:

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FAQ: What does Optimizing Your Presentation Skills training cost?

If you liked these public speaking tips and would like to learn more about public speaking or presentation skills training, see: Optimizing Your Presentation Skills
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Public Speaking Skills.com offers Presentation Skills Seminars, Public Speaking Seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, presentation design, and PowerPoint training by presentation skills experts. Call Public Speaking Skills.com for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, PowerPoint skills, business communications and enhanced presentation skills training.