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Death by Powerpoint


Killing your clients with PowerPoint Poisoning?

Your audience's body language is often a good way to judge how your presentation is going. 

If you've ever looked to your group and noticed a response like this, you might consider a serious redo of your presentation visuals!






View the trailer to the 60-minute video,

"Conquering Death by PowerPoint










A sad but true tale of "Death by PowerPoint":

One cold winter morning not too long ago, a group of highly educated specialists working for a large American corporation came to a terrifying conclusion: events from the previous week had created a much more dangerous situation than anyone realized, and it was up to them to alert decision makers from above of the lingering doom.  

The decision makers, also very highly educated people, at first rebuffed the experts, claiming there simply wasn’t enough evidence for concern.  But the experts pressed on, and ultimately the higher-ups challenged them to formally present their findings.

In the presentation that ensued, the experts included all the data and information necessary to make their point – or so they thought.  The problem was, although their presentation contained everything anyone needed to know to realize the problem was, indeed, as dire as the experts predicted, the information was not presented in a format that facilitated an unambiguous view of the facts.

As a result, the decision makers did not take the recommendations of the experts; shortly there-after, seven people died.

You’re 1 hour away from PowerPoint salvation!

The experts’ presentation failed for a simple, but all too common reason:  the presentation designers failed to follow seven simple rules that guarantee audiences will follow your arguments and get your point.  But your next presentation doesn’t have to fail, because in this intense and captivating one-hour show by one of the pioneers of computer-based presentations, you will learn the seven rules of successful slide design.

Take your presentation design to the 1st percentile

That’s right – in just one hour you will learn to save your presentations from the fate of 99% of all business presentations today – audience overload.  Audience overload occurs when visuals contain not just too much information, but too much of the kind of information the brain does not readily absorb.

And yet, of the literally thousands of slides we at PublicSpeakingSkills.com see every year, 99% of all slides contain more information than the average (and even above-average) person can discern before the presenters moves on to, “Next slide, please!”

Getting through the roadblocks

If you’ve never taken a course in presentation design, then you’re not to blame for not knowing that there’s a very simple, surefire way of getting around the filtering process most audiences use to screen new information.  

When you by-pass the filters, your audiences absorb your arguments instantly – and unambiguously.  This was where the experts failed in the tragic story of the misunderstood presentation – a story that you’ll hear in full during the program.

These filters are just one of the roadblocks to true knowledge transfer that presenters throw up with the approach most take to visual design, but wait – it gets worse!

Mimicking Your Boss’s Mistakes

Because most business presenters are given a laptop and a copy of PowerPoint and told to give a presentation tomorrow, most presentations are made by mimicking the boss’s mistakes – after all, if it’s good enough for the boss, its good enough for me, right?  Many corporate presentations are thus patterned after ones that somebody in upper management created last century, and their viability as true knowledge transfer devices has never been questioned!  

Does this sound like your firm?  We say, "Stop the insanity!"

In this intensive 1-hour program, you will learn to:

·         Use eye-contact to instill confidence, credibility & cohesion

·         Differentiate your slides from the same old same old

·         Format information based on its relative importance

·         Feed the audience information at a digestible rate

·         Eliminate the presenter's worst sin – ambiguity

·         Limit competing targets of audience attention

·         Construe information for maximum uptake

·         Facilitate true Knowledge Transfer

Setting the Stage

Before getting into the Seven Rules, your presenter Doug Jefferys will clearly establish the relationship between proper design and proper delivery techniques.  The sad truth is that while many people are sent to training classes to learn presentation delivery skills, all the skills in the world won’t help you if you’re trying to deliver the “wrong” presentation.

In order to be effective, a presenter must understand among other things the basic laws of eye-contact.  Proper eye-contact can only occur if the presentation is designed to allow it.  You will learn to design slides that not only foster proper eye-contact, but also assure that the audience and presenter are on the same wave-length every step of the way. (cont'd below)


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This beautifully videoed and professionally produced program is guaranteed to forever change your perspective on successful presentation design, or your money back.

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Its About Them

Next, you’ll discover exactly what happens every time the presenter clicks to a new slide.  Most presenters assume that the audience willingly awaits their escort through the intricacies of the slide, when in fact, that’s the last thing they do!  

There is only one thing that ever interests any audience member, and if its not in your slide, you’re not going to get your point across, no matter how important, essential, or life-threatening you might believe it to be.

As computer-based presentations have become the norm, audiences are being overwhelmed with productions that seem to use every feature and font that the presenter can find.  You may think your presentation skills are great and the audience is with you as they politely nod their heads and smile, but beware: the emperor believed that only a "fool" couldn't see his beautiful new clothes!

The truth is, few corporate audience members are willing to stand up and declare that they really can't see anything they understand in your presentation. But if you couldn't follow the last slide show you sat through, much less stay awake, ask yourself if your own presentation designs might use a little help, too.

In this 1-hour seminar, you will learn a paint-by-numbers approach to proper presentation design, and save your next audience from the insidious new corporate syndrome, "Death by PowerPoint".  

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Maximum Number of Participants: 100      Cost: $1,790

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