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Welcome to a whole new approach
to communications skills training.

Get rid of public speaking fears forever and learn the art of  confident public speaking.  

Public Speaking is a full-service business communications firm, emphasizing public speaking , presentation skills, and presentation design.

Public Speaking provides on-site training in the following courses: 

Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Design

Consultative Selling

Telephone Skills

Customer Service

Business Writing


Media Relations

  We offer presentation skills seminars, public speaking seminars & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, and presentation design training by presentation skills experts. 

Public Speaking specializes in highly interactive on-site training in all aspects of public speaking and presentation skills.  We also conduct 'public' seminars in public speaking, presentation skills and advanced presentation design in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Call Public Speaking for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, business communications & enhanced presentation skills training.


Optimizing Your Sales Presentation Skills

How many sales have you lost for lack of presentation skills?



While proper public speaking skills are essential to any people-contact position, most presentation skills courses don't focus on the nuances of the sales presentation, where the desired outcome is to have the listener say, "Yes!"


And although having proper presentation skills is necessary to getting the audience to see and adopt your point of view, owning effective sales presentation skills can often make a direct and immediate contribution to the bottom line. 

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Optimizing Your Sales Presentation Skills trains participants to weave the power of consultative selling techniques into their presentation design and delivery for maximum closing results.

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Many companies offer tips on presentation skills, while others offer guidelines for consultative selling; but no other presentation skills training firm really offers a focused, real-world, and complete workshop on sales presentation skills. Through role-plays using their actual customer scenarios, participants are coached to engage the client as though the critical next sale hangs on their ability to create and execute a credible presentation (it probably does).

Ask yourself: 

Do your salespeople feel comfortable while speaking in front of a group, but often deliver a "data-dump" presentation or one not tailored to the customer?  

Are their selling skills effective in one-on-one environments but they fall apart when required to present to more than two or three?  

Do they ask some good questions and try to close the sale - but NOT look good or sound good in the process?  

NO NEED to worry anymore…

Finally there's a public speaking selling skills class that combines all of the best thinking from presentation skills and melds it with seasoned, scientific consultative selling techniques. This sales presentation skills course offers up a customizable “Greatest Hits" package of our presentation skills, consultative selling, business writing and customer service courses, and really epitomizes what Public Speaking's training mantra is all about: Design, Deliver, and Close! 

Participants will learn the presentation skills necessary for controlling nervousness and overcoming the fear of public speaking. They will perfect the physical skills necessary to project an image of confidence and believability. Most importantly, they'll discover the precise techniques of proper eye-contact that evade 95% of all presenters, yet make a 100% difference in creating the level of trust that customers require before they'll make a commitment. 

They will also combine their sales presentation skills with the rules of proper presentation design, as we work with their visuals before and during class to maximize their contribution to the presentation. Our Microsoft Certified PowerPoint Experts review and revise their slides prior to class as part of the presentation design service we include in their training. (We consider presentation design an integral part of presentation skills training.)

Then our experienced sales presentation experts will train participants to:

v Design of an effective “grabber”

v Ask the right questions BEFORE the presentation

v Investigate and understand the audience

v Include only the proper presentation content (WIIFM)

v Anticipate the potential objections

v Lead the audience down the path to a logical conclusion (saying "Yes!")

From there, this sales presentation class delivers additional coaching on effectively using handout materials, handling tough questions consultatively, and applying these skills in various settings: in a ball room, in a board rooms, in an office or a warehouse, standing up or sitting down - even web casts.  Incorporating their all-important selling points and new dialogue skills into their sales presentation, Optimizing Your Sales Presentation Skills will help them realize immediate results.

Participants will capture and take home completely new insights into the arts of both public speaking and consultative selling that, as we're fond of saying, you simply can’t get from any presentation skills video or selling skills book.   

The Optimizing Your Sales Presentation Skills seminar will empower participants to:

v Defeat the fear of public speaking

v Establish trust & credibility through proper eye-contact

v Create a sincere rapport with the customer

v Develop, organize, and design a presentation for every customer



v Use physical skills and voice for maximum effect

v Actively listen & have customers feel more comfortable

v Arrange ideas so customers can follow the entire sales presentation

v Handle and profit from tough questions

v Use presentation skills to turn “speech” into “conversation”

v Save endless hours of preparation 

Optimizing Your Sales Presentation Skills is every sales manager’s dream come true - often producing a return on the training investment with just one sale! If your sales staff have to both present and persuade, you can't afford to the roll the dice on their skills. For information and case studies on how our training has made believers out of firms like yours, call or write today!


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Public Speaking offers Presentation Skills Seminars, Public Speaking Seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, presentation design, and PowerPoint training by presentation skills experts. Call Public Speaking for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, PowerPoint skills, business communications and enhanced presentation skills training.
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