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"Excellent program and excellent course content. Absolutely the very best 'all-day' instructor I have had in 20 years of sales and sales training!"

Tammy Diaz



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Public Speaking Skills.com is a full-service business communications firm, emphasizing public speaking , presentation skills, and presentation design.

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 We offer presentation skills seminars, public speaking seminars & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, and presentation design training by presentation skills experts. 

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Business Writing


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Ever embarrassed by the quality of your firm's letters? 

Ever winced when reading another's memo to a client?

Wonder how others size you up by your written words?



Even in the relative meritocracy in which we work and live, people still judge others to a large extent by the quality of their written words.  Consciously and subconsciously, clients and colleagues make determinations about another’s education and competence when reading their correspondences. 

Sadly, secondary schools have subordinated the importance of proper language skills in attempts to make education more “relevant” to their diverse student bodies.  This course was created to enhance the image of the company and the advancement of the participants by addressing the common mistakes that signal lack of written language skills.

In either a one-day or half-day format, participants will secure the skill base to compose and refine written communications that both get to the point and reflect well on themselves and their firms.   Lecture and demonstration content for both time-frame formats are the same. 

The WRITE Method

Among the characteristics of good business writing are clarity, precision, and economy of language.  Yet, as students discover for themselves in class, most people write with none of these requisites because they've never been taught a method to do so.  Participants in this course learn to differentiate between the different types of information that make up their messages, namely:

                                             W - to Whom it is written

                                              R - Real meat of the message

                                              I - Information on background

                                              T - Take these steps

                                              E - End it

When they discover that different types of information impart different cues to the reader, they learn to arrange their messages in an order that gives all of their words their proper place - resulting in economy, precision, and clarity.

And before dispatching the correspondence, all work should pass through the final, often overlooked stage: editing.  This workshop presents principles designed to enhance these qualities in participants' writing and thus increase the power and effectiveness of their prose.  Course principles are relevant for diverse types of business documents, from internal memos to external correspondence with customers.

This course focuses on organizing your thoughts and will help you express clearly what you want to say.  Using exercises that mirror real life situations, and working with your own letters, memos and documents from work, you will hone and sharpen your business writing skills. The goal is to ensure that people who read your writing will know what you're trying to say the first read through; no more phone calls to discuss your letter or memos about your memos.

How do you start a document? Who else might be reading it? Should the tone be formal or more casual? How do you create a document that will get through to the right person? These all-important questions are thoroughly examined and answered in this class.

With an emphasis on efficient style and grammar, and by borrowing attention-getting techniques from both journalism & advertising, you will learn to write documents that get read, and are visually inviting to read.

And because we are in the middle of a sea change in written communications, extra time is spent on e-mail etiquette and new e-commerce techniques, insights, and solutions...

After completing this course, the participants will understand the importance of:
  •  Deciding what they want from readers and knowing how to get it

  •  Knowing the people for whom they are writing

  •  Choosing the information that will have the impact they want

  •  Arranging the ideas so readers can follow them

  •  Motivating readers to look forward to every point they make

  •  Writing so their readers cannot possibly misunderstand

  •  Using strategies for special reader needs

  •  Telling their story so readers stay with them all the way

  •  Using words and sentences that readers understand easily

  •  Conveying their message in as few words as possible

  •  Formatting their writing so it is clear and looks interesting

  •  Proofreading their writing

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Public Speaking Skills.com offers Presentation Skills Seminars, Public Speaking Seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, presentation design, and PowerPoint training by presentation skills experts. Call Public Speaking Skills.com for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, PowerPoint skills, business communications and enhanced presentation skills training.

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