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"Thanks again for a very informative two days… I am really grateful to come away from a seminar with some real, usable knowledge, not just two days out of work!"

Brenda Halstrom


PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Do your company's slides look like this? Without training in proper presentation design, most slides actually work to impede knowledge transfer.

We showed this firm how to design presentations that both the audience and the presenter could actually follow, and we can do the same for you!




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 We offer presentation skills seminars, public speaking seminars & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, and presentation design training by presentation skills experts. 

Public Speaking specializes in highly interactive on-site training in all aspects of public speaking and presentation skills.  We also conduct 'public' seminars in public speaking, presentation skills and advanced presentation design in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Call Public Speaking for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, business communications & enhanced presentation skills training.

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Advanced Presentation Design         


FORMATS:  90-Minute  |  Half-Day  |  2 Half-Days  |  Read More


Killing your clients with PowerPoint Poisoning?

Know a fate worse than "Death by PowerPoint"?

Stop mimicking your boss's mistakes!

Now: Learn to design presentations where audiences not only get it the first time around, but also remember what you showed them weeks, months, even years down the road.

Courses, Keynotes, Corporate or Group Luncheons, & a great new DVD! (preview)  


For years, businesspeople, clergy, military and government personnel have been designing PowerPoint presentations to look like those they've seen before. Not based on any understanding of how audiences process visual information, and without the knowledge of just how much information people can absorb and comprehend per unit time. 


The result is a current level of "acceptability" in presentation design quality that leaves little room for true knowledge transfer.  Worse, most organizations believe that computer-based presentation software is so easy to use that it doesn't warrant the expense of training people to know how to use it.


Unfortunately, good software alone does not make for good presentation design.  In fact, quite the opposite!  There are strict rules to designing presentations you must follow, and innumerable pitfalls that will sap the strength of even superb speakers, ruining an otherwise well-delivered show. 


And while many business people have taken courses in public speaking or presentation skills, presentation skills training alone will not get your message across to your audience if your presentations look like most business presentations today - overworked and under-designed.




As computer-based presentation design has become more the norm, audiences are being overwhelmed with productions that seem to use every feature and font that the presenter can find.  You may think your presentation is great and the audience is with you as they politely nod their heads and smile, but beware: the emperor believed that only a "fool" couldn't see his beautiful new clothes!


Few corporate audience members are willing to stand up and declare that they can't see anything they understand in your presentation.  But if you couldn't follow the last slide show you sat through, much less stay awake, ask yourself if your own presentation designs probably couldn't use a little help, too. 


In this course, you will learn a "paint-by-numbers" approach to proper presentation design, and save your next audience from the new corporate syndrome, "Death by PowerPoint".  
The curriculum for this course is based on Doug Jefferys' Presentation design bible, "...And Your Point Is? - How to Stop Killing your Clients with PowerPoint Poisoning".  But the material for the class comes from you - your presentations, which we review, deconstruct and then revise to conform to the rules of proper presentation design that you will learn in the workshop.  So you go home with not only a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of presentation design, but also a professionally designed "template" from which to build your future, successful presentations. 


You will learn in less than one day what pioneering presentation design experts have discovered over two decades. You will learn to design slides that keep the presenter and the audience on the same page every step of the way. You don't need to be a graphic artist to create dazzling on-screen results. Just tackle the tips and techniques you'll take home from here, and be the hero of your next show!


As vital to one's career as good presentation skills might be, many who struggle with 


"Before  "AFTER"

speaking before a group are simply trying to deliver the "wrong" presentation!


At last, you have the opportunity to learn what you need to do to build presentations that not only make your point, but are also a breeze to deliver.
You will learn the following skills from this course:
The Proper Delivery of Visual Information.
Recognizing the 3 most common presentation design faux pas.

Understanding exactly how the brain processes visual input.


Analyzing your visuals: Your perspective vs. the audience's.


Design by Numbers - You needn't be a graphic artist to graph your point.


Going beyond default settings.


Making information flow.


Simplifying -- How Less is More.


Controlling audience attention through layout and timing.


10 techniques to guarantee you and your audience are in sync.

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VIDEO:  Discover the 7 Rules of Visual Design, with real life (and death!) examples






Public Speaking offers Presentation Skills Seminars, Public Speaking Seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, & coaching by internationally known professional speakers; and presentation skills, public speaking, presentation design, and PowerPoint training by presentation skills experts. Call Public Speaking for public speaking training, communication skills, presentation design, PowerPoint skills, business communications and enhanced presentation skills training.

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