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Can't recommend enough,

Reviewer: Trainer (Cherry Hill, NJ) 

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"I am a technical trainer by trade. After some very disparaging and pointed criticism of my presentation style, I videotaped myself to see if these harsh comments had any merit. I was pretty distraught. Worse than that, I had another important training presentation in less than a week. 

"I did some hasty internet searches to find some kind of comprehensive public speaking training and lucked upon this DVD. The DVD cover purported to show you 'everything you need to know' about how to deliver presentations and keep the audience with you 'every step of the way.'

"I got the 90 minute DVD overnighted to me and watched it as soon as I got it. I was prepared for a lot of the typical public speaking conventions - make eye contact with the audience, etc.

"I was prepared to be quite bored by the DVD but was willing to sit through it because I was desperate. Also, I am an insanely compulsive note taker and fully expected to jot down all the useful bits of information I could get as I watched the DVD.

"I was wrong on both accounts. I was absolutely riveted by the speaker, Doug Jeffreys. I could see at once that the unconventional but totally sensible techniques he showed were immediately useable. More impressive that that, I didn't have to take any notes. The presentation was so effective that I actually learned by just watching and listening to him. As a trainer, I absolutely aspire to this!

"I took public speaking classes in college and I've read a few books over the years on public speaking. I have NEVER come across the simple but effective approach he uses. He also explained quite clearly why this approach works.

"That sealed the deal for me and I immediately applied my techniques to a training presentation I had days later.

"I was taken aback by the reaction I got from my audience. I noticed that many people were looking at me intensely - and their gaze was not letting up! After the presentation was over, a few of them came up to me and actually thanked me for my effective training.

"Since then, I have had quite a few more training sessions and each one has been overwhelmingly positive. I get comments like 'I thought I was going to be bored to tears but you had me interested the entire time' or 'this was the best presentation I've seen'. The funny thing is I haven't changed the content of my training. The only change is the presentation skills I acquired from the one-time viewing of the DVD.

"I give the DVD 5 stars out of 5 because it does what it purports to do - show you 'everything you need to know' about how to deliver presentations. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who has to speak in front of an audience."


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A proven Winner  

Patrick J. Schibi "bankerman" (REAL NAME)(Oklahoma)

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"I purchased this DVD for my 16-year old son. He ran for Governor of the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club in April and finished 2nd. 

"Many people approached me saying he was by far the best qualified candidate, but the one elected was on the debate team and a good speaker where as my son looked down, stammered and did not come across well

"My son then wanted to run for the Key Club International Vice President position that has over 237,000 members in 4,600 schools in all 50 states and 9 foreign countries. I thought it was impossible but agreed if he would use this DVD and learn how to be an effective speaker. 

"He competed in Orlando FL on July 12-15th and won the election. I could not believe my eyes as I saw him speak to a crowd of 1,600 attendees. This DVD transformed him in less than 8 weeks. We recommend this for everyone."


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 Now the #1 Amazon.com presentation skills video!


Excellent Tutorial - thoroughly recommended   "We have all seen presenters that really stood out and left a lasting impression - that's why you can still remember them even now. But what was the anatomy of a strong delivery and more importantly can it be bottled? The answer is YES, it can and that is what KPS explains so eloquently.

It's also the DVD that keeps on giving as I find watching this video the night before a large presentation is the perfect preparation for helping me get "in the zone" and feeling quietly confidant about my delivery." 
Amazon Customer on January 13, 2014


Killer Presentation Skills

  S E C O N D   E D I T I O N

Everything You Need to Know

"How to deliver your next presentation to any size audience and keep them with you every step of the way"

with J. Douglas Jefferys   

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Format: DVD
Run Time: 84 minutes

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Mr. Jefferys teaches in such a way that he truly motivates those that are listening to him. One cannot help but gain confidence every step along the way by simply following what he says. I have recommended this DVD to many others (both teachers and non teachers) and they have all commented about how much it has helped them. This is a remarkable DVD to have!

Barnes & Noble review


Available (in beta) March 15th:

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"In times of economic uncertainty, 

when communication skills are paramount 

to either keeping the job you have or acquiring a new one,

wouldn't it be great to have the speaking skills of the world's bests?" 


Job interviews for important positions today often include having the candidate "present" herself 

in front of a group of different department heads.  Discomfort and counterproductive behaviors 

begin when the audience includes as few as 2 or 3 people.  Are you as prepared as you can be?


Killer Presentation Skills is a 90-minute video that will change forever the way you think about speaking in public. 


Although speaking to a group is reported to be the Number 1 human fear, the truth is a bit more nuanced.  The presenter in this video, author, speaker and trainer Doug Jefferys, clearly demonstrates that we only BELIEVE we fear public speaking because our most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactly the same physiological responses as when we are genuinely facing a life-threatening event.  In other words, whenever our brain senses a potential threat, in this case the classic scenario of finding ourselves "one against many", the body responds with the same chemical preparations to deal with the "threat" as it does when you blowout a tire at 70 MPH.


Then, because of what most of us have been taught from an early age, we engage in behaviors that exacerbate this chemical surge.  We become our own worst enemy. Not because we're weak, or think negatively, or are not prepared, as most of the "wisdom" out there would have us believe. Rather, because we come to the front of the room carrying a huge load of unavoidable baggage and then commit actions that the body has no choice to respond to other than to "crank us up". 


The amazingly good news here is that this video shows you how, by simply changing a few of these wrongly taught behaviors, you can completely change your body's response; and with very little practice, the fear is first lessened, and then it is gone.


No drugs, no self-hypnosis, no fuzzy neuro-reprogramming, no reliance on "positive thinking" exercises that fail at the worst time.  The process that takes you from a speaking zero to a speaking hero is one that simply involves modifying three things that you've done since your first stand-up book report in grade school.  But beware: the power that comes with this new-found comfort and confidence can be intoxicating - and it's available to literally anyone who learns the technique and runs with it.


Although the presenter's approach runs counter to almost everything most people have read or learned about being successful at public speaking, his firm has taught thousands of participants who claim his techniques have literally changed their lives.  Former president Bill Clinton, who is still regarded as the pre-eminent speaker in public life today, studied and embraced these very same techniques when running for president - to obviously great personal benefit.  You may not become president of the United States, but wouldn't it be nice if the next time you spoke, people actually listened?



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Killer Presentation Skills


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  An important note:

"Daaaaaddd!  My computer won't wake up!"

There has been much concern lately – most of it well-founded – about security breaches occurring in home and office computers resulting from the playing of popular downloaded videos or purchased DVDs.  You need to be aware, if you value the security of your computer data, that many videos available on the market today do contain malicious files; from simple adware and malware to virus re-transmitters (where your computer is used to spread viruses to hundreds or even thousands of other computers), and finally root-eating viruses that render your computer inoperable, even though your files may still exist in a non-readable directory.

Without delving into the technical aspects of how this all occurs, suffice it to say that [new] DVDs purchased from known, national distributors (e.g., Warner Bros., McGraw-Hill, Amazon.com, and even smaller direct publishers such as Dale Carnegie or PublicSpeakingSkills.com) are manufactured in such a way as to prevent the inclusion of any files other than those necessary to play and index the video.

Simply put, the only way you can be sure your computer will be safe to run after playing a DVD or any full-length video is to purchase a new disc or download from a reputable source, period.  Please enjoy our DVDs (manufactured by Amazon) and downloads with confidence.

Would you trust your computer security to this man?

Kim Schmitz, aka Kimble, aka Kim Dotcom, aka Dr. Evil is the founder of Megaupload, 

a mystery company that is now accused of massive copyright infringement.


Conquering Death by PowerPoint

The 7 Rules of Visual Design


"How to stop killing your clients with PowerPoint Poisoning and deliver presentations that provoke and persuade"


with J. Douglas Jefferys

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Format: DVD
Run Time: 60 minutes



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 "I've been giving financial presentations for my firm for over 10 years and thought I knew it all.  Boy, did this video open my eyes!'

Starting with a whole new take on what really constitutes proper eye-contact, Jefferys then takes you step-by-step through a set of fairly easy to follow rules about what you can and can't put into your slides. 

I redid my main presentation according to the Rules, delivered it with his techniques on audience eye-contact, and first time out got the greatest reception of my public speaking career.

I can't imagine anyone in business who couldn't severely benefit from the lessons here."  

-James Gallagher | Financial Consultant from Amazon.com


Wouldn’t it be great if when you presented, people actually listened?


Microsoft claims there are over 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every business day.  What they don't say is that most of those presentations never accomplish what their presenters set out to do - that is, achieve true knowledge transfer.  In fact, rather than engage audience members in the point at hand, most presentations send listeners off on "journeys of self-discovery" as they desperately try to figure out for themselves what all those convoluted images up on the screen are supposed to mean.

As the audience drifts off, the speaker invariably reads this disconnect as a failure of his delivery skills, and anxiety builds. Credibility falters, and the message is lost.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Conquering Death by PowerPoint is the definitive video on modern presentation design, written and performed by one person who has been developing computer-based on-screen presentations since the beginning of the personal computer era, and long before Windows or PowerPoint. 


J. Douglas Jefferys’ volume encompasses both presentation design and delivery, based on his 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, professional speaker, and presentation developer. Mr. Jefferys leaves no doubt that there is an inextricable relationship between design and delivery, and that you can’t do either well without a good understanding of the other. 


Audiences will be delighted to know that this is a take-it-home-and-use-it-in-business-tomorrow class of book. Everything that Mr. Jefferys brings forth in this often entertaining discourse applies to the presentation you’re working on right now. The video is structured around “The Seven Basic Rules” of presentation design, and before Jefferys tells you what to do, he tells you why. 

In the penultimate chapter, Jefferys takes square aim at the illustrious Dr. Edward Tufte, considered in many circles to be the pre-eminent guru on visualizing information, and who has spent much of this century writing and lecturing on the “dangers” of using PowerPoint in scholastic, scientific or other “serious” environments. 


Yet by offering an amazingly clear and easily understood alternative design to the infamous “Boeing” slide, considered by Tufte to be proof that PowerPoint killed the seven Columbia astronauts, the author irrefutably demonstrates that properly constructed slides actually can deliver exactly the intended message, and that the only danger is the lack of training most people receive before being taxed to design and give consequential presentations.


This beautifully produced 1-hour video, guaranteed to keep you visually stimulated with its 12 magnificently crafted virtual sets, will not only change forever the way you view presentation design and delivery, it delivers the tools you need to make those changes now.  Follow these rules, and you will save your next audience from “Death by PowerPoint”.


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Conquering Death by PowerPoint

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Available (Release Version) January 10th:

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