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“Whether you’ve been speaking for years or just starting out – you need to learn “The Skills.” This book explains what you’ve been doing wrong and more importantly, how to change those behaviors for good. Your audiences will thank you.”

Julie Terberg

 Principal and Creative Director

Terberg Design LLC


“I'm a tough critic – especially when it comes to competitors – but Killer Presentation Skills is right on the mark. This is an excellent book for everyone who wants to take their presentation skills to the next level.”


 - Karen Friedman

Karen Friedman Enterprises


Author of 

Shut Up and Say Something:

Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners


“Most courtroom litigators make it all the way through college and law school without ever learning how to effectively speak to a group.  I’m here to say that the client whose representation has not read this book has a fool for a lawyer!”

Suzanne Bender, ESQ.

Noted Philadelphia

 area Attorney






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Killer Presentation



How to acquire The Skills, and say goodbye to fear, sweat, and 'practice, practice, practice'!

by J. Douglas Jefferys   

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Format: Softback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0615499970



Though many speak, few today are clearly understood, and poorly designed PowerPoint presentations are one reason.  Unlike others, Jefferys doesn’t throw out the baby with the PowerPoint bathwater – instead, you find solid, repeatable rules to make PowerPoint your - and your audience’s - friend.  I tell all my executive clients, 'buy this book!'"



Jill Chernekoff 

TV News Anchor

Chernekoff Communications

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Wouldn’t it be great if when you presented, people actually listened?

Killer Presentation Skills is a proven, effective, life changing approach to presenting to groups that is now used by tens of thousands worldwide. 

J. Douglas Jefferys’ volume encompasses both presentation design and delivery, based on his 30 years experience as a corporate trainer, professional speaker, and presentation developer. 

Killer Presentation Skills covers every aspect of presenting one needs to know in order to perform at the top 5th percentile of public speakers. Starting with a clear explanation of how humans are wired to communicate, the author describes exactly how our bodies react when we attempt to speak to groups as most of us have been doing since childhood. (Bottom line: It doesn't work.)

You'll then learn that the art of doing it right actually involves not so much learning a new set of skills as it does simply casting off most of your old ones.  Speaking well, speaking confidently requires doing much less than what you're doing now.  And because the process is so much easier, you'll adapt to the new habits in very little time.

It's all here: Physical Behaviors, Developing Content, and then Putting it All Together - what you do when you've got all the elements in place. Each chapter not only ends with a review of salient points to remember, but also the reader is given specific exercises that can be done on one's own to re-enforce the learning.  The book is filled with links to videos of famous great speakers and original animations that bring the learning alive.  In the back are appendices of transcripts of great speeches broken down, line by line, into the exact cadence of the speaker's original delivery.

Mr. Jefferys also leaves no doubt that there is an inextricable relationship between design and delivery, and that you can’t do either well without a good understanding of the other. Readers will be delighted to know that this is a take-it-home-and-use-it-in-business-tomorrow class of book. Everything that Mr. Jefferys brings forth in this often entertaining discourse applies to the presentation you’re working on right now. 

The second half of the book is structured around “The Seven Basic Rules” of presentation design, and before Jefferys tells you what to do, he tells you why. 

In one chapter, Jefferys takes square aim at the illustrious Dr. Edward Tufte, considered in many circles to be the pre-eminent guru on visualizing information, and who has spent much of this century writing and lecturing on the “dangers” of using PowerPoint in scholastic, scientific or other “serious” environments. 

Yet by offering an amazingly oclear and easily understood alternative design to the infamous “Boeing” slide, considered by Tufte to be proof that PowerPoint killed the seven Columbia astronauts, the author irrefutably demonstrates that properly constructed slides actually can deliver exactly the intended message, and that the only danger is the lack of training most people receive before being taxed to design and give consequential presentations.

This beautifully penned book will not only change forever the way you view presentation design and delivery, it delivers the tools you need to make those changes now. Follow these rules, and you will save your next audience from “Death by PowerPoint”.


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