"90 minutes to becoming the speaker you've always wanted to be"



  How would you like to walk away from your next big presentation 

knowing that you really nailed it?  

After this seminar, you will! 


You can learn the secrets of successful presentation design and delivery that until now have been available to only our private corporate clientele.  In 90 minutes you will acquire 3 skills that change the way you present forever!  So bring a colleague or come alone - this seminar is open to all who sense they need to improve the way they speak and present!

Although speaking to a group is reported to be by most surveys the Number 1 human fear, the truth is a bit more nuanced. 

In this seminar, you will clearly see that you only think you fear public speaking because your most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactly the same physiological responses as when you are genuinely facing a life-threatening event.  In other words, whenever your brain senses a potential threat - in this case the classic scenario of finding yourself as "one against many" - the body responds with the same chemical preparations to deal with the "threat" as it does when you blow out a tire at 70 MPH.

Then, because of what most of us have been taught from an early age, you engage in behaviors that exacerbate this chemical surge.  You become your own worst enemy Not because you're weak, or think negatively, or are not prepared, as most of the "wisdom" out there would have you believe.  Rather, it's because you come to the front of the room carrying a huge load of unavoidable baggage, and then commit actions that your body has no choice to respond to other than to crank you up even more!

The amazingly good news here is that in these fast-moving 90 minutes you will learn how, by simply changing a few of these wrongly taught behaviors, you can completely change your body's response.  And with very little practice, the "fear" is first lessened, and then it is gone.


If your job involves giving presentations yourself, 

or if you manage a group whose presentation skills 

can make or break a deal,

you cannot afford to miss this unique and powerful program!


No drugs, no self-hypnosis, no fuzzy neuro-reprogramming, no reliance on "positive thinking" exercises that fail at the worst time.  The process that takes you from a speaking zero to a speaking hero is one that simply involves modifying 3 things that you've done since your first stand-up book report in grade school.  But beware: the power that comes with this new-found comfort and confidence can be intoxicating - and it's available to literally anyone who learns the technique and runs with it.

Former president Bill Clinton, who is still regarded as the pre-eminent speaker in public life today, studied and embraced these very techniques before first running for president - to obviously great personal benefit.  You may not become president of the United States, but wouldn't it be nice if the next time you spoke, people actually listenedAfter this seminar, you will learn how!

Caution: Although our approach runs counter to almost everything most people have read or learned about being successful at public speaking, our firm has taught thousands of participants who claim his techniques have literally changed their lives.  

Who should attend:
v Anyone who is less than comfortable when speaking before a group
v Anyone who needs to create trust with [their] audience
v Salespeople who need their audience to believe what they say
v Financial advisors who want people to trust their life savings to their programs
v Executives who understand the importance of their staffs' believing in what they say
v HR professionals who recognize an overwhelming training bargain when the see one.
v Trainers who need to keep both attention to and interest in what they're trying to teach 
v Litigators who need listeners to get their key points the first time out
v Leaders who need their audience to stay with their programs every step of the way
v Anyone who seeks the satisfaction of speaking to a group and coming away a hero

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If you want to forever rid your fear of public speaking, be there!

If you enjoy speaking but have always wanted to be the best, be there!

If you need a totally cost-effective way to train your staff - including "take home" exercises so that the learning will continue back at the office, have your whole department be there!


Already comfortable in front of a group?  Although a lucky few feel little fear, the fact is that 99% of all speakers engage in the same behaviors, as you will clearly see.  And unfortunately, these common behaviors actually telegraph to the audience the wrong messages: that you are anxious, that you are unprepared, that you don't really mean what you say.  If you've never watched yourself speak on videotape, you are very likely not aware of what your eyes, voice, and body are really saying.  

From this seminar you will capture and take home completely new insights into the arts of genuine eye-contact, body language, and even content development that you simply can't get from any book, and probably have never been exposed to before

Best of all, our speakers will graphically demonstrate how the same techniques you use to establish immediate rapport with your audience also forever handle your old fears and nervousness when speaking before a group.

The 'NAIL IT!' seminar will empower you with the skills to:
v Defeat your inner fears
v Create a sincere rapport with your audience
v Develop and organize a presentation for any occasion
v Use eye-contact, gestures and breath for maximum effect
v Effectively deliver information from the screen to your audience
v Save endless hours of preparation before your next talk
v Transform excess energy into persuasive actions
v Turn "speech" into "conversation"


Be there!

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