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“Whether you’ve been speaking for years or just starting out – you need to learn “The Skills.” 

This book [and program] explains what you’ve been doing wrong and more importantly, how to change those behaviors for good. Your audiences will thank you.”

Julie Terberg 

- Principal | Creative Director

Terberg Design LLC  



Excerpt: Ever hear about maintaining “eye contact” with the audience?

The way that 99% of us learned public speaking leads to not only increased fear and anxiety, but also robs us of our ability to focus on our thoughts and delivery, too.

Instead, discover the simple presentation skills that bond you to your audience while delivering your message with razor-sharp precision.



Amazon Customer Reviews

Avg Customer Review:


Can't recommend enough,

Reviewer: Trainer (Cherry Hill, NJ)

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"I am a technical trainer by trade. After some very disparaging and pointed criticism of my presentation style, I videotaped myself to see if these harsh comments had any merit. I was pretty distraught. Worse than that, I had another important training presentation in less than a week.

"I did some hasty internet searches to find some kind of comprehensive public speaking training and lucked upon this DVD. The DVD cover purported to show you 'everything you need to know' about how to deliver presentations and keep the audience with you

'every step of the way.'

"I got the 90 minute DVD overnighted to me and watched it as soon as I got it. I was prepared for a lot of the typical public speaking conventions - make eye contact with the audience, etc.

"I was prepared to be quite bored by the DVD but was willing to sit through it because I was desperate. Also, I am an insanely compulsive note taker and fully expected to jot down all the useful bits of information I could get as I watched the DVD.

"I was wrong on both accounts. I was absolutely riveted by the speaker, Doug Jeffreys. I could see at once that the unconventional but totally sensible techniques he showed were immediately useable. More impressive that that, I didn't have to take any notes. The presentation was so effective that I actually learned by just watching and listening to him. As a trainer, I absolutely aspire to this!

"I took public speaking classes in college and I've read a few books over the years on public speaking. I have NEVER come across the simple but effective approach he uses. He also explained quite clearly why this approach works.

"That sealed the deal for me and I immediately applied my techniques to a training presentation I had days later.

"I was taken aback by the reaction I got from my audience. I noticed that many people were looking at me intensely - and their gaze was not letting up! After the presentation was over, a few of them came up to me and actually thanked me for my effective training.

"Since then, I have had quite a few more training sessions and each one has been overwhelmingly positive. I get comments like 'I thought I was going to be bored to tears but you had me interested the entire time' or 'this was the best presentation I've seen'. The funny thing is I haven't changed the content of my training. The only change is the presentation skills I acquired from the one-time viewing of the DVD.

"I give the DVD 5 stars out of 5 because it does what it purports to do - show you 'everything you need to know' about how to deliver presentations. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who has to speak
in front of an audience."


For our catalog:

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An important note:

"Channeling" your fears?

If you've been to other websites that offer public speaking training, invariably you will read something about "controlling" the natural fear you feel when speaking to a group. Most (if not all) of these sites use words like getting the butterflies in your stomach to "fly in formation" or similar metaphors designed to have you work with the fear they claim all speakers feel before they present.


You will never hear anything about "controlling" or "managing" or "channeling" your fear from us. That's because the fear that people experience when delivering to audiences is the direct result of the physical behaviors they engage in when attempting to speak to a group.


The reality is, humans actually CAN NOT speak to groups, because we are simply not wired to do so!


In our unique (some would say contrarian) curriculum, you will learn that it's not possible to alter the way your body responds when confronted with certain stimuli.  When faced with the "one-against-many" scenario that being up in front of a group triggers, your body responds in ways designed to help you survive, and always will, regardless of all the mental tricks and "powers of positive thinking" you throw against it. Adrenaline rules!


Sound hopeless? Certainly not.


The key, as you will learn and practice, is to never attempt to speak to a group!  Although you can't change how you respond to a given stimuli, you can control what stimuli you choose to expose yourself to!  So instead of trying to speak to a group of individuals, you will learn to speak only to the individuals in the group - something your brain and body are well hard-wired to do.


Try to control or channel your fear, or learn how to eliminate that fear in the first place?

You decide.


Learn "The Skills"

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sales presentation skills  

"The Skills" eCourse Live!  


"What a wonderfully put together course. Simple, yet compact - filled with information. Excellent!!!"               

 - Melissa Price RN, BSN     


A 4-part on-line blended learning system,

now with (optional) live 2-way video coaching worldwide

Enroll today for only US $299!*


*And even less for groups! (scroll down)


What if you could speak, comfortably and confidently, to dozens, even hundreds of people? Better than any colleague? Better than your supervisor?  Or even better than your chief executive?  


And, learn to do it at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office?


How might that affect your career - your self esteem - even your life?


Sound too good to be be true?  Well, you should always be skeptical of things that do.  Yet for half the price and thrice the volume of knowledge transfer you receive with your eCourse compared to what you would get in any on-site corporate training class (including our own), you'll come away with the Skills to speak at the top 5th percentile of all public speakers today.      


"And now for something completely different..." - John Cleese

Have you ever watched a truly engaging speaker and said to yourself, “I wish I could do that”?  Have you dismissed the possibility because you've believed that speaking well is a talent and not a skill?

What if you could learn to be a great speaker for minimal expense, and be able to practice the skills without anyone's knowing it?  What if you could learn to design slides that every member of the audience could follow every step of the way?  And then receive 1 full hour of live one-on-one two-way video coaching from anywhere in the world?  Would that be worth 10 to 15 minutes of your time a few days a week?

Understand: the vast majority of people who have to speak before groups engage in the same bad habits – habits based on bad advice and negative re-enforcements that often go back to unfortunate experiences from childhood.  Habits are not skills! 

Have a job? 
You need The Skills
Have a job, want better job? 
You absolutely must have The Skills
Out of a job, need a job & looking for a job? 
You are sadly wasting your time without The Skills! 

The Job / Skills Pyramid

To be a really great speaker, you must toss out most of what you’ve learned about speaking in public and embrace a new set of surprisingly simple physical behaviors.  No rocket science or musical ability required.  No fuzzy logic or neuro-reprogramming.  Just basic actions that anyone can learn to emulate.  Together, these behaviors are known as "The Skills", and when you learn them, you will never look at a speaker, or the art of speaking, in the same way ever again. has trained tens of thousands of people internationally from business, education, government, military and the clergy in "The Skills".  Now we'd like to invite you to join this enviable and well-respected group. 

The great news here is threefold:

  • All great speakers since John F. Kennedy have and do employ "The Skills". (Bill Clinton is a master of "The Skills", as was Ronald Reagan.)  If you’ve ever been really moved at a meeting, a lecture, or your house of worship, you’ve experienced a speaker trained in "The Skills".

  • "The Skills" can be learned, meaning that no matter what you might think is holding you back now doesn’t matter.  Skills, as opposed to talent, are acquired through preparation.

  • Employing "The Skills" requires considerably less energy and brainwork than what you are doing now!

And here’s perhaps the best news of all: You can acquire "The Skills" on your own, in both your personal time and while at work, and practice the skills without anyone’s knowing you’re doing so!  Only when you feel that you’ve practiced enough in private do you need to put "The Skills" to work actually speaking to a group.  And once you begin using "The Skills" in public, you’ll get a little bit better every single time you speak. 


Enroll me now!

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Have you ever been to a large presentation, meeting or speech and come away feeling that throughout the talk, the speaker seemed to keep coming back and speaking directly to you?  Even though the audiences was in the hundreds, maybe thousands?  You will learn how to do just that - how to make every member of a large audience feel personally engaged.  And as hard as it might be to believe, you'll do that by using the exact same techniques as you'll use when speaking to 2 or 3 people!

One of the great things about "The Skills" is that they are 'infinitely scalable'.  No matter what size group you're speaking to, you do precisely the same things.  Except that the more people in the audience, the more positive feedback you'll receive for your efforts.  And speaking of effort, another surprising truth about "The Skills" is that you will be exerting significantly less physical and mental energy doing so.  Which also results in a massive positive-feedback loop as you physically display the confidence you'll be feeling.  

You see, the vast majority of speakers are not interesting, or effective, because they attempt to do way too many things at one time.  People who own "The Skills" have learned to let go of most of the behaviors average speakers engage in.  They then find the peace and comfort of 'unitasking' - doing ONE thing at a time.  You will learn this in Lesson 2 and build on it from there.  

Don't let anyone tell you good things only come from hard work.  Most speakers work way too hard for their own (and their audience's) good.  Rule #1 of "The Skills" states that "if you're working too hard, you're doing it wrong!" 

"We show people how to look good, sound good, and

 feel confident & comfortable just being themselves."


What to do: Regardless of your current level of speaking ability, you can acquire "The Skills" simply by enrolling in our 4-part eCourse.  For each lesson you’ll receive an email link to a specially configured set of chapters from our on-site training workbook, plus a set of exercises that you practice anytime, anywhere - without anyone’s knowing that you're doing so!  Included in your tuition are your own copies of our two best selling feature-length videos, 90 Minutes to Killer Presentation Skills & Conquering Death by PowerPoint (which, alternatively, you can purchase from our website or for $99 each).     


Included in the presentation skills eCourse are videos of some of the greatest speakers of our time, demonstarting the same public speaking techniques you will employ when you gain The Skills.  JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama & Tony Blair.


Viewing these videos will reinforce the skills you'll learn during the e-course. By watching the speaker "do it right" you will also visually incorporate the ideas presented.  You'll also receive your own copy of the new 250 page textbook, Killer Presentation Skills, which not only goes into greater detail in all aspects of the presentation process, but also includes in-depth insights into topics not covered in the computer-based eCourse.  The book alone also contains:


4 Videos: Speeches by the world's best speakers

v 4 Animations depicting proper and improper eye-contact


2 Videos depicting the best & worst gestures and Q&A "no-no's"



"Do-at-home" (and work) exercises at the conclusion of every chapter



A cut-out Quick-Reference Guide listing the "take-aways" for all chapters



8 color fold-over prints of real people who will become your "Virtual Audience"



Transcripts of Bill Clinton's and Martin Luther King's famous speeches broken down to their actual cadence


3 chapters on Presentation Design, including a complete Before & After analysis of the famous "NASA" slide (which Edward Tufte claims killed the Columbia astronauts)


A complete chapter on handling tough Questions & Answers - how to take questions that contain negative, erroneous or non-relevant components and rephrase them in a way that always allows you to answer them in a positive light.  How to virtually eliminate all conflict from a hostile Q&A environment.  

You will learn, with this complete package, everything you need to know to speak at the top 5th percentile of all public speakers today. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to put "The Skills" in play in front of a group of your choosing, and feel the transformational effects of finally becoming the great speaker you’ve always wanted to be.


[A word about "free" public speaking web courses:  As presentation skills trainers, it is part of our job to be "students" as well.  And so we invest a lot of our time investigating (and even enrolling in) many on-site courses, some of which are sponsored by major universities in the US & UK.  After many years, we have yet to find a single course that offers any insight into the actual techniques required to speak well.  The majority of the "free" classes offer enrollees exactly what they pay for - rehashed formulations from courseware that seems little changed from the content that they were selling back in the 70's and 80's.  A full half-dozen actually contained segments on flipchart design!  (Ever seen Steve Jobs use a flipchart?).  Bottom line: If you want to be an average speaker, there are plenty of average courses out there from which to choose.  If you're looking for more - if you really want to speak at the top 5th percentile of all business speakers today - you need to make a reasonable investment in yourself and actually acquire The Skills.]    

Enroll me now!

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What sets "The Skills" eCourse Live! apart from other on-line learning?

Without question, "The Skills" eCourse contains the most up-to-date curricula on the art and science of speaking to groups available. While much of the content is equal to what one would learn in one of our on-site corporate classes, every component in the 4-part serious is designed, written, and paced specifically for the on-line learner.  The modules within each part are configured so that the learner can leave and return to the program at his or her own timing without losing the rhythm of the learning. This is especially helpful for those who have to deal with conflicting demands on their time.   


And then, at the conclusion of your four sessions, you will take everything you have learned about presenting, coupled with your newfound knowledge of presentation design, and have the opportunity to deliver it live to your instructor using the latest in two-way video communication technology.  That's right, you will deliver your re-designed presentation to your Virtual Audience (or a real one) under the watchful eye of your instructor, and be coached every step of the way.  


A full (optional) 60 minutes of live one-on-one two-way video coaching, using your own real-world presentations. (You'll need a web-cam, computer, and a broadband internet connection). All from the privacy of your own home or office.


Got a GROUP of 4-12 participants?  

Check out these very healthy group discounts!



What you get:

  • 4 60-90 minute "Weekly" eCourse Modules, in which you'll learn to develop The Skills through reading, watching video clips and animations, downloading work-at-home files and tools, and exercises that you will practice during the week with friends, family and colleagues (without their knowing you're doing so!).

  • 2 Feature-length Videos (DVD or Streaming): 90 Minutes to Killer Presentation Skills and the 60-minute video Conquering Death by PowerPoint. In viewing each, not only will you acquire the knowledge required to employ The Skills, but you'll also gain the advantage of actually watching the instructor engage in the very skills, live!

  • The 250-page textbook, Killer Presentation Skills, that advances you beyond material in the eCourse modules to provide a complete understanding of all the aspects of developing and delivering truly outstanding presentations.  

  • In addition to The Skills you'll enjoy learning in the eCourse, Killer Presentation Skills includes chapters, with examples, downloads and do-alone exercises, on Organization, Visual Design Theory, Delivering from the Screen, Handling Tough Questions and more.  If your position requires dealing with challenging questions, the chapter on Q&A alone is worth the price of admission.

  • One (optional) full hour of direct, real-time Two-way Video Coaching, in which you will deliver your presentation to your virtual (or real) audience whilst under the live direction of your coach, who stays with you and guides you every step of the way.

We challenge you to find a more complete package, a more thorough curriculum, or a more direct path to owning The Skills for anything close to this price anywhere! 


Please don't confuse this live coaching with other online training programs that have you calling, emailing - or even messaging - back and forth with a remote instructor with whom you never actually speak.  The two-way video technology we use allows you to present to your group while your coach virtually sits at the same table, exchanging feedback and conversing with you in real, visual time. And unlike in a classroom or "open enrollment" training scenario, 100% of the coaching time is devoted to you! 



Live one-on-one presentation skills coaching worldwide


Afterwards, you will receive both a Certificate of Completion, as well as a written evaluation of your mastery of "The Skills", emphasizing both your strengths and areas worthy of further refinement. In many ways, both the quality and quantity of learning you'll receive in "The Skills" eCourse Live! will exceed what you would experience as a participant in an on-site class!  All at a price either you or your employer can afford.

Owning "The Skills" will change the way you experience speaking, delivering to you:


Appreciation and compliments from audience members


More free time, as you learn to spend less time preparing


Personal comfort - no sleepless nights before your speech


Greater ability to think on your feet when facing any size group


Severely reduced anxiety or nervousness both before & during your talk

In addition, owning "The Skills" will benefit your total person:


Enhanced career opportunities


Increased self confidence in all aspects of your life


Enhanced respect from your colleagues, co-workers, and friends


Better business & personal relationships thru better communication skills 


Enhanced compensation opportunities by increasing your value to your organization


Your investment for this truly life-changing program is $299 with your enrollment. If you desire, you can spread out the cost of the course interest-free over two payments of $149.50, one due at signup and the next in 30 days. When you're ready to arrange your 1-hour live coaching session, we will bill you separately for the optional live training fee ($100). For details, please contact Customer Service at 888-883-6074 or 484-883-6074 or email

Enrollment includes the 4-part computer-based training modules, the indexed 250-page interactive textbook, two feature-length DVD's, and your (optional) 60-minute live two-way video coaching session with your instructor.*  We challenge you to find a more cost-effective program that offers state-of-the-art presentation skills training of anywhere near this depth of knowledge transfer and interaction.

Having a hard time considering whether to part with $299 for your education? Consider this: When CEOs of large firms are asked the secret to their rise to the top, virtually all attribute their abilities to speak to groups - and most admit to seeking coaching to get there.  

So ask yourself what a promotion to just the next level in your organization would mean to your paycheck.  And then compute how many weeks it would take to get ROI on your speaking training investment.  Lots of people have MBAs.  A lot fewer can convince others of their abilities and the value of their ideas - the unique benefit of learning to speak well.

Enrolling is as easy as going to our SecureSystemsTM  Order Page

The shopping cart will deliver you to the link for Lesson 1 of the 4-part course; you can begin at any time of your choosing.  Thereafter, you will receive a link to your next lesson upon request, generally every 7 days, unless you desire an accelerated or extended pace.  (We recommend a week between lessons because many of the exercises you'll be given work best when you practice them for a few minutes a day, every day, for a week.) 


Got a GROUP of 4-12 participants?  

Check out these very healthy group discounts!


Please contact us with any questions. Call 888-883-6074 or 1+484-883-6074, or email

Begin your journey today by enrolling now!  

Go to our SecureSystemsTM  Order Page

*If you reside outside the United States, or if you so choose, you will receive the book and DVDs by electronic format, and can begin your training immediately. To connect with your coach, you will need an internet connection with a suggested minimum rate of 1 Mps, a built-in laptop or freestanding internet camera of minimum 1 mega pixel resolution, and the free video software installed (link included).


Everybody's invited!


There are no pre-requisites; no prior public speaking or presentation skills training is required nor presumed.  Our “benchmarking” technique allows you to capitalize on your best traits and re-direct your old public speaking style for positive results.  Everybody, regardless of abilities, will learn the specific presentation skills necessary to drive your message home and make your next presentation a memorable experience for all.  

This class even helps those experienced with presentations, and who have had prior public speaking training, to take their skills to the next level - to become a member of a unique and exclusive club, those speakers who are known to have "The Skills".  In fact, some of our most enthusiastic practitioners are people who had been trainers or speakers for years, and who came to realize only after the training what they'd been missing all that time. (Please see the video review by Trainer, left.) 


Enroll me now!


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  Check out the trailer to our video, "Killer Presentation Skills"


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